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1. Awards Standards for the Development of Programmes on the NFQ

2. Award Titles /Named Awards

3. Alignment of Awards with the NFQ 

4. Quality Assurance including Institutional Review and Monitoring 

5. Learner Assessment and Making of Awards

6. Accreditation/Validation

7. Delegation of Authority 

8. Recognition of Prior Learning/Direct Applications

9. Access Transfer and Progression

10. Documents for Participation in HETAC Panels

11.  Other Important Documentation

Quality Assurance including Institutional Review and Monitoring

HETAC undertakes reviews of all its providers once every five years using its Institutional Review policy. The following documents may be of assistance to providers in their preparations for institutional review.

Institutional Review Policy

Guidelines and Criteria for Quality Assurance Procedures 2011

Provider Monitoring Policy and Procedures (2010)

Policy for Collaborative Programmes, Transnational Programmes and Joint Awards (Revised 2012)

Supplementary Guidelines for the review of the effectiveness of Quality Assurance Procedures

Handbook for Institutional Review of Providers of Higher Education and Training  


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